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  1. The role of the FSD MVA and CL Officer is to plan, implement and report/review FSD’s mine victim assistance operations in its Tajik/Afghan cross-border mine action programme.  This will involve planning and conceptualisation of procedures and implementation of MVA activities combined with supervision of a small local national team.  The role reports directly to FSD’s Afghanistan Operations Manager in Kalai Khum however significant liaison and input will also be required between the incumbent and the FSD Programme Manager in Dushanbe and FSD’s Head of Operations in Geneva.     Roles and Responsibilities:   The role and objective of the MVA and CL Officer is split into four main areas: ·         Firstly, to develop a sound set of mine victim assistance standard operating procedures (SOPs) and to have these accredited within the national mine action framework of Afghanistan (the Afghan Mine Action Standards – AMAS). ·         Secondly to plan and implement a small scale mine victim assistance programme within areas where FSD currently works on Northern Afghanistan/Badakhshan.  This is work that will continue from previous small scale MVA and CL work done in the region, but this was more under the guise of basic assistance to mine affected communities.  The intent is that the focus shifts to a more MVA centered approach with links to wider MVA mechanisms and stakeholders. ·         Thirdly is to capture reporting and data on the success of the programme and to support the Head of Operations in seeking further funding for FSD’s MVA programme in Afghanistan and indeed other programmes world-wide if necessary. ·         Finally, is to support the wider mine action effort FSD conducts in the region; this includes socio-economic impact surveys in both Afghanistan and Tajikistan, pesticide remediation programme in Tajikistan and FSD’s conventional de-mining programme in Badakhshan.   Experience Required: Knowledge of both mine action and mine victim assistance programmes is required – minimum two years’ experience. Experience of implementing mine victim assistance or similar health interventions in the field within a humanitarian and challenging environment is desirable. Experience of implementing community liaison and/or socio-economic/post clearance survey within a mine action programme is desirable. Relatable and equivalent exposure/work within similar a health and social work environment is acceptable as “experience”. Education: Advanced University Degree (Master’s Degree or equivalent) in relevant subject matter such as education, social work, social sciences or related field with a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience; OR First level University degree (Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent) in relevant subject matter such as education, social work, social sciences or related field with a minimum of 4 years of relevant experience;
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